Midwinter Moon

Christmas music for the rest of us!

Midwinter MoonMidwinter Moon is an enchanting collection of holiday jazz and acoustic music, including new twists on timeless classics and some choice new songs that we hope will soon be counted among your christmas music favorites. Midwinter Moon began as an idea about creating and sharing beautiful holiday music for people who don't necessarily like the mainstream, commercialized or religious traditions, yet still want a a meaningful, magical celebration. There is definitely more than one “reason for the season.”

“Oh oh oh so so so HOT HOT HOT (and we are talking Yuletide here, folks!) This one rocks the house, Juels! And Craig, the guitar is smokin' as usual! Yeah baby!!! Everyone needs to add this CD to your collections — it will be a favorite, I promise!!” ~ Nora Cedarwind Young

“Solstice Night is the perfect song for our circle this year!” ~ Louise B.

Here's what you get:

That's SIXTEEN songs in all, more than an hour of fabulous, alternative holiday music! Jazz, blues and acoustic songs with smoldering, sultry vocals and hot instrumentals.

Awesome! I'm buying now!

"This CD is so good — 'Baby it's Cold Outside' was so awesome, I wanted to hear a packed nightclub applauding at the end. . . I expected that to come. It feels like I snagged a pre-release copy and everybody else has to sweat it out until Christmas, while I'm grinnin' and knowing that this is a gem! mmmmm.... LOVE that arrangement/harmonies of the 'Auld Lang Syne' segue: AWESOME! this is really cool!" ~ Bobby P.

Julianne Marx and Craig Olson started making music together over ten years ago, beginning by performing at private Yule / Lucia Party shows and continuing with the full-on festival band Cedar Moon, which toured extensively in the Pacific Northwest at festivals like Seattle HempFest, Northwest Herbal Fair, the Garlic Festival, Vashon Island Earth Faire and Seattle Peace Concerts.

Joining them on this “festivus-for-the-rest-of-us” recording is Tom Gire, the most fabulous piano player you've never heard of. But perhaps you've heard some of Tom's other work as music producer and sound-scape artist for such films as Shrek, The Karate Kid, Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince, among many others.

Drummer Walker Evans joins Juels, Craig and Tom on most of the tracks. Walker also plays with country rocker Marion Weston and has been a session player on numerous albums. This guy can play! Catherine Hauke of the popular band Coyote Run plays amazing drums on A Winter's Night.

Rounding out the album is percussionist Joe Marx, who lays down some tribal beats on two of the albums 13 tracks. Last, not least, on the list of stellar performers on this project is vocalist Andrea Ramirez, who adds her vocal magic to two songs.

And there's more! You also get these additional cool bonuses:

Solstice Cards by Joanna Powell Colbert
CD graphics by Bob Paltrow

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Here's what you get:

for only $9.97. (What a screaming' deal!)

If you'd rather have the CD, (which also includes the downloads and all the goodies) that's just $12.97 plus shipping.
It's your reward for getting a head start on the holidays!

"WOW! you sound awesome!" ~ Connie O. "You have an amazing voice!" ~ Cindy J. "Enchanting!" ~ John R.
"Love love love it!!!" ~ Jill C. "Lovin' this tune!!" ~ Deb S. “So wonderful!” ~ Luna S.

Yes! I'm buying now!

The early-bird offer for Joanna's stunning Winter Solstice cards will last through December 25th, Christmas Day. So please take advantage of this awesome offer and pick up your copy of "Midwinter Moon" today.

Brightest Blessings of the Season,

Craig and Juels
Craig Olson & Julianne Marx

People are Talking!

“Looking forward to having your Yule CD in my small and rarefied collection of such. . . Hasn't been a new addition in at least 10 years now. . . I'm almost hoping Yule will hurry up and get here so I can be listening to you, yours, and your music-making!” ~ Ray B.

“Juels, girl you're smokin'!!! All of it . . . so HOT!!! I guess we know what we'll be dancin' to etc. ;-) this winter!” ~ Amy M.

“OMG!!!  That's the first time we have heard you, Juels, in lead vocals. WOW, what a voice!!  HOLY COW!!!  Man, you blew us away!!!  What a perfect song for Midwinter Moon. WE HAVE TO GET THE CD!!!!  When will it be out?  We are really looking forward to hearing the whole CD. Let us know right away when it's out, ok?” ~ Jim & Nancy M.

“Nice...'n steamy HOT... quite right!! Lovin it :-)” ~ Susan B.

"Craig, I LOVE the CD.  Your music had me dancing around the living room with my vacuum.  Can't wait to dance around the living room with my grandson at our St. Lucy party..." - Celeste C.

“Midwinter Moon is fantastic!!!!” - Susan S.

"Thank you for creating such wonderful music!! I thoroughly enjoy the other music I've gotten from you and listen to it often. Hugs and blessings to you, Joanna and your circle of friends...." - Daria K.

“I've been lucky enough to listen to Craig and Juels sing these Yuletide songs for years now. My heart is full to overflowing because now the rest of you get to hear them, too! In the Bleak Midwinter, Solstice Night, Rozhanitsa — these songs are so close to my heart. And I'm knocked out by Juels’ sexy, jazzy vocals on the standards. I know you will love this album!” ~ Joanna Powell Colbert

Give it to me, baby!

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